My Yoga Journey

How I got here

7/5/20232 min read

water falls in the forest
water falls in the forest

I began my yoga journey about 6 years ago, when a good friend asked me to sign up for yoga with her. I said sure, I'm always down to try new things! So, on August 28, 2017 I walked into Eternal Yoga with my friend Stephanie and asked about taking a Yoga class. Little did I know, my life was about to change!

We signed up for a 4 week introductory course beginning in a couple of weeks & before I knew it I was learning the practice of yoga.

We finished our intro, & then tried all of the different kinds of classes. I fell into a routine of going to 2-3 classes a week & let me tell you, because I tell everyone anyways, that yoga studio became my church. The more I went, the better I felt and I always felt welcomed & safe while I was there.

My weight didn't matter in the studio. I could still practice. As I got stronger, my self-confidence grew. I was taking control of my life, setting boundaries & taking care of myself for a change. And then, I quit smoking.

That's right! After 30 years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, I stopped. Quit. Kicked the habit. He he! Yay me! I could write an entire blog post on the sheer torture quitting cigarettes, but now I am just going to tell you that yoga made it possible. The tools I learned at yoga helped me power through. 5 years and counting now and I know that I will never go back.

That is just one of the many ways that Yoga has changed my life. I could go on forever! And I will. At other times. Today however, is an auspicious day & I must prepare. Today I am teaching my very first professional yoga class at the very studio I walked into nearly 6 years ago.

As I wrap this up, know that the butterflies are starting as I get ready to teach my very first ever yoga class. Who would have thought all those years ago that the girl that wanted to be a belly dancer would find herself at 50 becoming a yoga teacher?

Wish me luck and love as I embark on this journey, and follow me here to see what adventures await!